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JTB Landscapers offer residential and commercial landscaping services in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas. These services include drip systems, irrigation lines, rock removal, decorative pavers, patio installations, fire pits, retention walls, artificial grass, real grass, stone walls, overhangs, outdoor living areas, plants, trees, gardens and more.

Our expert landscape designers creatively combine nature and culture to create your dream. Bridging the gap between vision and construction we will produce a design to bring your vision to fruition.


Where art meets science to build your dream. We analyze the structural layout of your yard and plan accordingly to avoid any potential roadblocks. Our technical expertise allows us to translate your design into a built work you will love.


Art and technology come together to construct your new landscape. We exercise expert planning and project management every step of the way. Our construction professionals will ensure your new landscaping will be long lasting, of the best quality and kind.

Allow a skilled landscaping designer to help you overhaul your current landscaping into to something more to your liking. We will make your landscaping ideas become a reality.

Artificial Grass

Save water and time with drought resistant, durable artificial grass. Keep your grass perfect all year long.

Decorative Pavers

Pavers are a fantastic choice for patios, walkways and other outdoor areas. Create lasting beauty with unique styles, color blends, and a variety of sizes.

Retaining Walls

Bring a unique aesthetic and stunning beauty to your design with decorative walls. With a variety of styles we will help bring your yard to life.

Fire Pits

Few things add more to the beauty of your yard than a well-built fire pit. Fire pits can instantly and irresistibly improve a home’s value especially when the landscape around said fire pit is done right.

Water Features

Water features balance outdoor spaces, creating an organic, aesthetic, feel to any landscape no matter the design. When done properly, water features create a spectacular focal point in the landscape.

Shade Awnings

Keep cool and add to the unique design of your landscape. Shade awnings can protect your landscape/hardscape or outdoor living space from extreme weather.


10% OFF!


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